An International Leading Diamond Manufacturer And Trading Company

Established by Yoni Serrouya, PDD2000 is a leading diamond manufacturer and trading company.

Since beginning this operation, PDD2000 has significantly expanded its presence throughout the world, with offices in Antwerp and sales people in Hong Kong, the United States and Europe. PDD2000 has attracted attention in the diamond industry with its reputation for providing superior, timely service to every customer regardless of size. As a dedicated group of people who are passionate about diamonds, the PDD2000 staff embraces an intimate relationship with its diamonds and clients, treating both of these vital gems with utmost professionalism and integrity.

PDD2000 has a vast experience with “Investment Diamonds”, As world markets tumble and economies continue to flag, some investors are turning to tangible goods as a proven method of securing their wealth.

This means they are purchasing real estate, art, precious metals and diamonds, in larger numbers than ever before. Furthermore diamonds are portable, compact and an excellent hedge, while other forms of investment may prove very complicated. Since 1934 prices have increased more than the rate of inflation thereby protecting the real value of capital. In recent year’s diamond prices increased during a benign inflationary period, thereby offering solid capital protection in addition to long term capital growth. Even at the worst economic times diamond prices are holding their value. Diamonds are the most concentrated form of storing wealth. They also offer you financial privacy not available elsewhere. Unlike other investments a diamond investor has 100 percent direct ownership of a portable tangible asset of proven value.
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